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While few things can beat a delicious and refreshing cold coffee when the sun is shining and the heat cranks up, some researchers have suggested that drinking hot coffee when it's tropical outside could actually be more effective at keeping you cool! While this is surely fantastic news for those of us who embrace hot beverages no matter the season, you are likely wondering how that's possible! To beat the heat you have to enter the best coffee shop in town. If you’re a die-hard coffee lover, your favourite beverage just might go better with ice than it does with foamy milk during these dog days. Just in time for the summer. Coffee is packed with antioxidants which help your body fight off disease and keeps you healthy. Studies show that moderate coffee intake can reduce the risk of many diseases. Kickstart your metabolism! Caffeine can increase your metabolism first thing in the morning, helping you burn more calories than you would otherwise. Mutants Restro cafe is one of the best coffee shops in Patna among all other coffee shops in Patna.

Hot Coffee May Give You a Superior Buzz:

In addition to its cooling qualities, drinking hot coffee all through the dog days of summer can really help give you the caffeine buzz you have become accustomed to! The reason for this is simple - hot coffees, usually, but not necessarily always, have higher levels of caffeine than their iced cousins. This is because hot water is more effective at removing caffeine from beans. It is important to keep in mind, however, that there are a number of factors that can force the level of caffeine in a cup of joe, including the type of bean used and the kind of roast it is. For example, not that many people know that light roast coffees boast higher caffeine content than dark roasts. Mutants Restro cafe is one of the top coffee shop in Patna among all other coffee shops in Patna.

Mutants Restro cafe is one of the best coffee shops in Patna among all other coffee shops in Patna.

The Iced Horchata Latte:

A combination of a Latin American favourite and an American cafe staple, the iced horchata latte brings together the sweet heady-spiced goodness of horchata and the earthy sweetness of a cafe latte. This one does require an overnight step, though. So, if you need it now, this may not be the drink for you. If you have time to plan though then go to Mutants Restro cafe which is one of the top coffee shop in Patna among all other coffee shops in Patna. The taste is great you will get only in summer if you try this Iced Horchata Latte then you will understand how Mutants Restro cafe beat the heat this summer. A tasty way to cool down and still enjoy the coffee remarks you crave is by eating java-flavoured ice cream. Of course, there are many different types to choose from - mocha ice cream, coffee chocolate chip and more. Enjoy at Mutants Restro cafe after a long, hot day in the office or for dessert after a summer cookout with family and friends.

Cold Brew:

Seriously. So much better than hot coffee poured over ice, cold brew is iced coffee’s smoother, mellower friend. Maybe iced coffee’s cool, older cousin, in fact, cold brew will give you that coffee flavour without accentuating its bitter notes the way hot coffee poured over ice can. And it won’t taste watered down either. Cold Brew will give you a different feeling when you taste it and this is special drinks which are only you will get in Mutants Restro cafe one of the top coffee shops in Patna among all other coffee shops in Patna. If you decide to make your own coffee cold brew you can also add a number of extra fresh fruits to keep them exciting and boost the flavour. Consider adding some chocolate chips, for example, or some fresh fruit such as cherries, blueberries or raspberries. Delicious! Come and enjoy the taste of on one of the best coffee shops in Patna i.e. Mutants Restro cafe.

Consistently serving the finest espresso -

It is rare in business to discover a product were consistently offering 100% quality is the best commercial decision you can make. But espresso coffee is one of those rare products where consistent 100% quality matters. Customers will walk past ten other competitors to get the best espresso, which is why this factor alone means you don't need the highly visible, most expensive location. So buy the best espresso coffee machine, install it with a water purifier and demineralized, use a conical grinder, and only buy a top coffee shop in Patna. If you order for espresso coffee in our Mutants Restro cafe you will get the same taste what you will order for yourself that is why we Mutants Restro cafe is one of the top coffee shops in Patna among all other coffee shops in Patna.

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At Mutants Restro & Cafe, we ensure each dish is made with love and care and that you, our customers are happy.

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